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Invest coin

Opening a new horizon in crypto investment.


Invest coin

Opening a new horizon in crypto investment.


5% of all payouts to project participants are deposited on a special account called CRYPTODEPOSIT.

These funds are also used for investment programs and for creation of crypto deposits in the most rapidly growing crypto currencies on the market.

The task is to create financial security for your own coin.

Since the start of the project, a corresponding amount of “IC – invest coin” is paid for the amount frozen on the crypto deposit.

From 1 December 2017, the number of coins corresponding to the deposited funds will be displayed in personal accounts. The coin’s exchange rate will be displayed online. The rate will display the number of deposited funds and the number of coins formed by dividing the funds received in the crypto deposit account by the coin’s current exchange rate in the system.

Thus, increase in the coin’s exchange rate will have an intellectual-financial mechanism for formation of its value.

The purpose of creating this deposit is to release, in 12 months, a crypto currency into the market, which is backed up by fiat funds and to ensure that transactions can be made using a debit card in this crypto currency.

The starting price of the coin will be $0.1. The total number of coins will be 100 million. The number of coins – total number of coins will be determined by December 1, 2018. If the number of coins that will be formed using the crypto deposit will be less than 100 million, the surplus will “burn”. Then the final “real” secured exchange rate of the coin will be formed. The total amount of funds accumulated on the secured account will determine the exchange rate. Coins will be paid into the members’ private area continuously when funds are received in the depositary account. Funds are paid into the depositary account absolutely from the following sources: payout of interest on investment funds, payout of income from referral program (bonus from personally invited referrals, structural bonus, leader’s bonus). Calculation of the current price and total number of coins will be displayed in members’ private areas.

After the cryptocurrency has been launched, the coin’s exchange rate growth will also be secured by increasing the amount of funds entering the secured account. The project proceeds and money earned on the use of security funds in investment programs will remain the sources of the coin’s exchange rate growth. After the coin has been launched in investment programs, no more than 30% of the secured account will be used. This is done to create stability for the coin’s exchange rate. Out of 30% of funds in short-term programs, no more than 50% of funds are used.


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